Launching the brand

Nowadays people are often researching their own health on the internet instead of going to the doctor.
This can be a good thing, but sometimes this can also lead to misinformation.
And that’s where Suresy comes in.
Suresy, is a brand new provider for home healthtests and they just launched their first campaign.
They asked us to produce their online video commercial. Now that is an offer we couldn’t refuse.
So within 2 weeks we produced their first online video commercial.

Creating the video

Working closely together with the art department team and the DP we went for a nicely saturated and warm look.
And because we love humor, we proposed a few little tweaks to the script to give it a slightly dry comedic tone of voice.

The result

Next to Suresy’s first online commercial, we also delivered multiple cutdowns, radio ads and a photography campaign, all in the same style.

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