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NIX18! & Ahold want to create more awareness amongst their young staff members about the
importance of carrying out ID checks on youngsters when they buy alcohol.


Carrying out an ID check can sometimes feel a little awkward, especially for younger employees.
Sometimes it can even make them feel like they’re doing a border patrol security check,
or feel like they’re pulling someone like a police officer. Ofcourse, this is not the kind of vibe you want to be
in as an employee.

Creating the concept

This insight led us to create a unique concept in which we combined the power of ‘memes’
together with high quality interviews. We would ask the employees how they feel when they’re checking an
ID card and use their answers as inspiration for the memes in which they would star themselves.


We delivered twelve video assets for this project and have gotten some great feedback on it.
It proved to be the perfect mix of information and entertainment.

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