Albert Heijn Bakkerij


Albert Heijn is always improving their services and so is their bakery service and their delicious 🥐 croissants .
Albert Heijn asked us to create a series of five videos that educate their employees about what is new and
improved in and around the bakery.


Many employees at Albert Heijn’s bakery have their trusted ways of working.
But since Albert Heijn was going to give their bakeries a complete make-over, they also wanted to
implement a new way of working as well. And as we all know, changes, well, they can be challenging to implement at times.

The concept

We came up with a video series concept in which an over eager and funny voice-over questions everything
there is to know about the bakery. But the bakery employee, tells him there is no need to worry.
Everything is thought of and plain simple! Just like they say in Dutch “Komt voor de bakker”.
With this video concept we were able to get a lot of information across in a lighthearted way.


Together with a great crew we filmed all five videos on one shooting day.
To achieve a high-end look we filmed everything on a high end cinema camera with cinema lenses.

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