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Activation for "Mijn Albert Heijn" app

When you upgrade your Albert Heijn Bonuskaart in the Mijn Albert Heijn app you can save a lot of money 💸,
get coupons and discounts.

And when you upgrade to premium you get even more discounts on cool services
such as discounts on Ziggo, Pathé thuis 🍿 and Bol.com.


Pretty cool benefits for an app right?

But, unfortunately the youngsters who work at Albert Heijn didn’t use the Mijn Albert Heijn app that much yet,
because they were mostly scrolling on their socials and creating crazy TikTok videos 😉

Creating the concept

That’s why we invited three of the young Albert Heijn employees to the studio to create just that;
🕺🏽Crazy TikTok videos🕺🏽

In these TikTok videos they showed us in some pretty funny ways how they felt when they found out what
kind of cool advantages they had when they upgraded their Bonuskaart to a digital version in the app.

The perfect mix

We created three high quality lit interview settings in the Albert Heijn studios and mixed them with some cool looking TikTok videos.
Together with a great crew we filmed everything on one shooting day.
And to achieve a high quality look we shot everything on a digital cine camera with cinema lenses.

Smart production

At Fóque we always get the most out of every budget. For this project we delivered ten different video assets
together with multiple GIFS which Albert Heijn used as an attention grabber in their Whatsapp groups for the upcoming video.
And from what we’ve heard, the GIFS were shared a lot amongst the youngsters, even after the campaign was finished.

Three cutdowns

After releasing the main video, Albert Heijn also asked us to make three cutdowns of it,
which could be used in their internal learning program.

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