Hi, we are Fóque.

Fóque is a full service creative production company for high quality video content & film, or how we like to call it: A film boutique.
It was founded by Bjorn van den Hout (Creative & art-director) & Ken van Mierlo (Film director & screenwriter) who both share the love for concept and film.
Their goal? They want to create high quality film content with a great core concept.

Fóque. Create. Film.


All great content starts with a great idea. Whether the idea is brought to us, developed with us, or created by us, creativity is where it starts. Creativity is rooted in our DNA, and we’ll always strive to make ideas stand out. For us that’s a given, especially because we have an award winning creative as one of our founders. With his creative campaigns Bjorn has won several awards and nominations at ADCN awards, Effie Awards, Cannes Lions, Esprix and SAN.


At Fóque we have love for both the small screen and the big screen. Our director has made multiple international award winning short films. Because of this, all our productions are always made with a cinematic quality in mind. A lot of our effort is spent in selecting the right artists from our broad network of filmmakers for each assignment. And whether it’s a big or a small production, from start to finish, we are known for our personal approach. That’s why we are a film boutique.


With every production we make, we strive to get the absolute most out every shooting day. We can create multiple assets and because of our broad network we can also combine our shoots with high end photography. This way we make sure our clients always gets the most out of their buck.

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